2024 Toyota Tacoma image leaks online

2024 Toyota Tacoma image leaks online

2024 Toyota Tacoma image leaks online

Toyota said May 5 it planned to reveal the redesigned 2024 Tacoma on May 19. A day later, the midsize pickup’s enthusiast base apparently decided that was too long to wait, found a back door into the automaker’s website and posted an image of the upcoming vehicle for all to see.

The leaked image was first posted on tacoma4g.com and shows a white 2024 Tacoma 4×4 with black trim traversing through sand.

Doug Liu, a co-owner of tacoma4g.com, said he verified the image “by sleuthing on the Toyota website and matching up the hosting domain.”

One of our users found the image by taking the URL from previous Toyota images and changing the path and file names before landing on “the image of the next-gen Taco in all its glory,” Liu said.

The image shows the pickup will adopt many styling cues from the larger Tundra, including the styling lines on its hood, lighting elements and the front fascia.

In a brief statement emailed to sibling publications Automotive Newsa spokesman for Toyota said only that “we are excited to see the enthusiasm around the new Tacoma and we are looking forward to the official reveal on May 19th.”

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