Buying a used car? The Ontario government allowing dealerships to issue plates and permits

Some big changes are coming for used car dealerships in Ontario which may mean you can skip a visit to ServiceOntario.

The Ford government announced this morning that it is expanding the online Digital Dealership Registration (DDR) system to include used cars.

Now, new and used vehicle sales can be registered online by dealerships participating in the program.

It means participating dealerships can complete online registration of passenger vehicles with ServiceOntario and issue permits and license plates immediately to the purchaser.

No visit to a ServiceOntario center is required, but in-person registration is still available for dealerships who choose this option.

“Our government created Digital Dealership Registration to help businesses save time and money by making it easier to sell and purchase a vehicle in Ontario – and now used cars are included with this new, exciting expansion to the system,” said Kaleed Rasheed, Minister of Public and Business Service Delivery. “Providing self-serve vehicle registration to car dealerships is a win for businesses and a win for consumers who can drive their cars right off the lot.”

Since the launch of the online Digital Dealership Registration system, more than 4,200 transactions have been completed through DDR and more than 380 dealerships are currently registered, with more daily onboarding.

More than 7,000 Ontario dealerships selling new and used passenger vehicles now have access to DDR.

Dealership transactions account for 4.7 million of ServiceOntario’s total 58 million annual interactions.

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