Five in-car accessories for an even smoother driving experience

Keeping your phone charged and safely mounted just got a whole lot easier thanks to CARMOUNT

A car interior is one of those spaces that inexplicably accumulate an array of products that half-work for a week or so, before forever becoming worthless clutter. From unreliable chargers and flimsy phone holders to that weirdly overpowering air freshener you got from a car wash, our center consoles and footwells can quickly turn into hooves of obsolescence.

But that’s what’s so refreshing about CARMOUNT. Every product in its range of in-car storage systems looks great, doesn’t take up too much space and, most importantly, works. Here are five of its smartest solutions that will make your life easier by efficiently doing the job they’ve bought to do.

1.Wireless car charger

If you’re always on the go and need your phone charged constantly, CARMOUNT’s Wireless Mount 2.0 is the answer. It charges fast (up to 15W) and works with Magsafe magnets, which auto-align your phone to provide the most efficient charging, meaning no more messing around with cables or sockets. These magnets also allow for seamless mounting and dismounting of your phone, while the charger’s sleek and modern look will add a suitable touch of class to your car.

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2.Magnetic dashboard mount

If your car isn’t blessed with a state-of-the-art navigation system or full phone integration, bless it with the ultimate shortcut instead – the CARMOUNT’s bestselling Car Dashboard Mount. Its dinky size and flexibility allow you to install it in almost any position. What’s more, the holder is super strong, having been thoroughly tested off-road. Even if you’re navigating your way down the most punishing tracks of countryside, with this dashboard mount, you can rest assured your phone will be staying right where you can see it.

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3. Fast 45W Car Quick Charger

Nightmare scenario A: your phone has died and you’re going to need it at your destination, but the upcoming journey isn’t long enough for ample charging. Nightmare scenario B: you’re on a long road trip and need your phone for navigation, but, naturally, your passengers didn’t charge them either. Both dilemmas are solved by CARMOUNT’s powerful 45W Car Quick Charger. In addition to its ultra-speedy capabilities, its dual outlets for both Type C and USB-A allow you to charge two devices at once. Plus, with its stylish appearance and small size, you won’t even sacrifice form over function.

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4. Minimalist Car Trash Can

Despite our best intentions, sometimes our cars can turn into overpowered wheelie bins, particularly after a long journey. Still, actually keeping a bin in the car might not seem like an attractive solution. But what if it could fit into the cup holder? The CARMOUNT Minimalist Car Trash Can is designed to be discreet and unobtrusive, while still providing a decent capacity of 500ml into which you can dispose of crisp packets and sweet wrappers. Cylindrical in shape, it’s made of high-quality metal and comes in understated, dark colors, so it’ll blend in nicely. The twisting mechanism allows you to easily dispose of the contents, and even comes with 50 perfectly sized bags to go inside.

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5. Car Air Freshener

We’ve all been in the back of a mini cab where the pungent air freshener has us worried about a soilage fee. CARMOUNT’s air freshener, however, can be installed onto your air vent and disperses a revitalizing yet subtle scent derived from plant extracts around your car at the touch of a button. It can last up to 60 days and is easily refillable, and its classy metallic finish won’t let the side down in the looks of the department either.

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