Guide to Windshield Replacement in Arizona

Many drivers think they will be perfectly safe driving around with a crack or chip in their windshield, this often isn’t the case. Any obstruction in the windshield can result in unsafe driving conditions and could ultimately cause an accident. Because chips and cracks are prone to spreading over time, especially when exposed to the extreme weather conditions typically found in Arizona, it’s essential to consider windshield replacement, especially if the situation cannot be resolved with an auto glass repair. While this is a simple process, many people wonder if they really need to replace their windshield at all. The following will help you determine if you need a replacement and if so, how to proceed.

Do I Need a Replacement?

When you’re looking at a small chip or crack in your windshield, you may wonder whether you really need a full replacement after all. The answer to this question can be complex and typically requires a professional to inspect the damage. In many cases, a chip can easily be fixed if it is addressed before it becomes larger. However, a crack may be questionable. A smaller crack that doesn’t impede your view may be fixed if it is small enough. However, cracks have a tendency to spread and may often cover too much of the windshield to be repaired. In these situations, it’s best to completely replace your windshield so you have a fresh, clean start. The good news is that these costs are often covered under your auto insurance policy, so unless you have a deductible, you may not have to pay much, if anything, for these replacements.

Find the Right Professionals

While windshield replacement is actually a relatively easy process, it’s still essential to work with professionals who know how to get the job done right. You need to hire a company that has experienced technicians who have gone through the proper training to ensure they know how to fit a windshield into place to ensure it keeps out the elements and won’t be easily damaged in the future. Many car windshield replacements are done incorrectly, leading to an improper fit that can unfortunately be dangerous if you are involved in a car accident of any type. An improperly fitted windshield can easily dislodge and cause serious injury. It’s also best to work with a company that provides original manufacturer windshields, rather than generic replacements. This will ensure the windshield fits better and is actually designed for your car. In addition to ensuring a better fit, these OEM windshields are of a higher quality, which means they are less likely to be damaged by a rock or other debris you may encounter along your drive.

Check with Your Insurance Company

Your auto insurance company may cover the cost of a replacement or repair you need for your windshield. If your insurance will cover some or all of the cost of your windshield replacement, it’s essential to make sure you’re working with a company that is covered by your insurance. They will have a list of approved companies you can go to for a quote on the services to help you choose the right one. In some situations, however, when you take the deductible into account, you may be better off paying for the repair or replacement on your own. This will prevent your insurance rates from going up, especially if you would be paying the balance anyway to cover your deductible.

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