India’s first used Maruti Jimny is here

Maruti Suzuki India Limited has finally launched its much-anticipated lifestyle off-roader, the Jimny, in India. The company commenced bookings during this year’s Auto Expo, and since then, it has amazed over 30,000 bookings for this SUV. Currently, the waiting period for the top-of-the-line Alpha automatic variant is around 8 months. However, if you want to skip this long waiting queue, you can become the lucky owner of the country’s first Maruti Suzuki Jimny from this used car dealership located in Punjab.

The video of India’s used Maruti Suzuki Jimny has been shared on YouTube by Dayakaran Vlogs on their channel. The presenter in the video starts off by mentioning the Jimny and states that right next to him, he has the country’s first-ever used Maruti Suzuki Jimny. He also mentions that next to him is a 4×2 Mahindra Thar finished in the shade of Everest white, and in this video, he will show the Jimny and compare it with the Thar as well. He starts off by stating that both of these cars are available for sale at Bhandari Car Bazar in Punjab. It is to be noted that the YouTuber did not mention the price of both cars but shared the contact number of the dealership.

Maruti Suzuki Jimny has already hit the used car market

Next, the presenter starts off with the comparison between the two lifestyle off-roaders. He states that undoubtedly the first and major difference between the two cars is the size. He shows the front, side, and rear of the car and mentions that although they are similar in wheelbase and length, the Jimny is a lot smaller in height and width when compared to the Thar. He then talks about the powertrains of the car.

The presenter states that the Jimny is offered with a single drivetrain option, which consists of a 1500 cc petrol engine that can come mated with an automatic or a manual gearbox. Meanwhile, the Thar gets different diesel and petrol engines, and the one shown in the video is powered by a 2000 cc engine. The Thar also offers options between a manual and an automatic transmission. Following this, he states that the Thar shown in the video is a 4×2 variant, which is also in high demand and has an even bigger waiting queue than the Jimny. He adds that the Jimny, meanwhile, comes standard with a 4×4 system.

Maruti Suzuki Jimny has already hit the used car market

Moving on, the presenter shows the interior of both SUVs and states that the Jimny’s interior comes loaded with features but seems to be a little cramped for bigger people. Meanwhile, he states that the Thar also gets most of the features as the Jimny but offers a more commanding position. He shows the dashboard layouts of both vehicles and compares their seating layouts as well. The presenter added that the Thar has a three-door layout, while the Jimny has a five-door layout. Another important thing he adds is that the Jimny comes with a fixed hardtop that cannot be removed, meanwhile, the hardtop on the Thar can be removed in 15 minutes. He states that overall, it depends on the buyer’s choice which one they prefer, but in his opinion, both are good off-roaders lifestyle.

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