The Jeep Wrangler 4xe continues to increase its dominance in the PHEV market

Jeep’s entrenchment in the plug-in hybrid market has become even clearer this year. Wrangler 4xe sales increased 72 percent in the first quarter, representing 38 percent of the total for the nameplate, and it was joined at the top by another Jeep, the Grand Cherokee 4xe that went on sale in late 2022. Jeep sold 7,222 Grand Cherokee 4xe models in the quarter, accounting for 13 percent of that nameplate’s total volume.

Buyers of the two 4xe models can get a $7,500 federal tax credit only through Monday, April 17, when that amount is cut in half. Stellantis said the vehicles will remain eligible for up to $7,500 on leases.

Jeep expanded the Wrangler 4xe family by making the powertrain available on the Willys for the 2023 model year. The refreshed 2024 Wrangler will see the 4xe technology trickle down from the higher trim offerings to the Sport S. Pricing hasn’t been revealed, but the four-door, gasoline-powered Sport S is $40,490 with shipping.

Current Wrangler 4xe models are priced from $7,600 to about $13,600 higher than their conventional equivalent, depending on trim level.

Morrison said consumers wanted Jeep to extend 4xe availability to lower trim levels.

“We’re securing our customers who have had Wranglers in the past who want electrification, and there are some people who want to do entry level for it,” he said. Jeep is “expanding the lineup for electrification, making it even easier for our dealers to have a fuller line and our customers to have an entry-level price point.”

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