The Porsche Macan may not go all-EV in the US by mid-decade after all

In addition to driving the brand’s top line, the Macan is critical to achieving Porsche’s mission to diversify its customer base.

“One of the things they are not happy with is the average age of a Porsche driver is over 50,” the dealer said. “They want it to be anywhere from 25 to 35.”

The source said that Porsche aims to steer “driven” youth and “successful” women to the brand, hoping they will upgrade to a 911 or Cayenne as their careers and families grow.

At the meeting, Porsche held workshops to help retailers market to these groups via intimate in-store events.

Porsche is rolling out alternative retail formats and casting stores as casual hangout spaces for customers and fans.

Meanwhile, retail sales teams are urged to take a “softer,” less-transactional approach.

Historically, a 24-year-old who walked into the showroom might have been dismissed as not a serious buyer, the dealer said.

Porsche is “trying to get that mentality to change,” he said. Expanding the customer base is essential to driving volume for the niche brand.

Porsche told dealers it expects US sales to hit 80,000 next year, up nearly 15 percent from 2022.

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