US Auto Sales closes suddenly, some customers scrambling for answers

US Auto Sales closes suddenly, some customers scrambling for answers

US Auto Sales closes suddenly, some customers scrambling for answers

Some car buyers are scrambling for answers after another used car dealership closed suddenly.

Dishane Tuttle says his Chrysler 300 looks nice on the outside, but it needs a catalytic converter. “The sensors are going, got bald tires,” he added.

He bought it from US Auto Sales a little more than a month ago. Now he says there’s no one to take the car back to or pick up the tab for repairs.

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According to various news reports, the company temporarily closed all its lots — about 40 locations in six states, including about 10 in the Carolinas and two in Charlotte.

It’s not clear why or for how long.

In the meantime, the complaints are racking up. Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke found a Facebook page with a lot of people venting about the dealer and the closure.

The Better Business Bureau counts 460 complaints against businesses from across the country in the last three years.

Multiple local customers have been contacting Stoogenke about mechanical, warranty, and tag issues.

Tuttle says he had all three problems, including tag issues. He says he got pulled over because his tag was expired.

Luckily, his tag arrived Tuesday and he opened it while Stoogenke was with him.

But he still has the other two concerns and no one to turn to. “I don’t want to pay, especially on a car that’s not running well,” he said.

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Stoogenke called and emailed the dealer, but no one respondent in time for this report.

At last check, there was no additional information or words of advice on its website.

Stoogenke suggests customers:

– Keep making car payments. You don’t want to hurt your credit.

– If you need repairs, make sure you save your receipts in case you can get reimbursed later.

– If you still need a tag, contact the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles here and have your bill of sale handy.

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