Worst UK Locations for Roadworks Revealed

A new league table has revealed the worst UK locations for drivers to be caught up in roadworks.

Motorists in Essex have been warned they are most likely to be affected by roadworks, according to the league table put together by motoring experts at LeaseCar.uk.

Local authorities in Essex revealed that a staggering 77,423 roadworks were carried out in 2021 and 2022, making it the worst location for roadworks in the UK by almost 25,000.

Worst UK Locations For Roadworks

Number of road and street works in UK local authorities from April 2021- March 2022

1. Essex County Council 77,423

2. Staffordshire County Council 52,871

3. Cardiff Council 43,252

4. West Northamptonshire Council 34,557

5. East Riding of Yorkshire Council 32,420

6. Worcestershire County Council 31.105

7. Bradford City Council 27,301

8. Ealing Borough Council 25,593

9. Hampshire County Council 25,581

10. Leeds City Council 24,851

Staffordshire had the second highest number of roadworks, with a total of 52,871, putting a perspective on Essex’s enormous figures.

Drivers in the Welsh capital can also expect delays as Cardiff had the third-highest amount at 43,252.

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